Improve the literacy levels of your key stage 2 pupils.

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The Instant Impact programme

The Instant Impact programme offers a quick and seamless way to boost the literacy skills and vocabulary knowledge of your Year 5s and Year 6s. It is delivered by our own team of qualified and experienced Sound Training teachers at your school, one day per week over a six week period. Pupils are taught in groups of four, on a rolling timetable to ensure minimal disruption.

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The benefits

Through the use of phonology, automaticity and metacognition, Sound Training not only improves reading, but develops listening, comprehension, spelling and fluency in writing and speaking. It boosts SATs results and ensures your pupils are secondary ready. Average reading age gains are over 20 months in just 6 weeks!

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The online resource

The vocabulary builder is an effective teaching resource, specifically developed to boost subject vocabulary, quickly and easily.

What is Sound Training?

Who is it for?

Beneficial for even the brightest of pupils, Sound Training provides individuals with the strategies they need to achieve higher results and maximise potential. Suitable for mainstream pupils in years 5 and 6 to enhance SAT levels and get them secondary ready.

Vocabulary development

Crucial to academic success but an issue for many learners, Sound Training overcomes this common barrier to achievement, through specifically targeted instruction.

Phonological training

Good phonological awareness (not phonics!) is a pre-requisite for accurate reading and spelling. Sound Training develops this essential skill through fast, focused and fun activities.


Sound Training ignites pupils’ thought processes and leads to more active learning. It encourages them to think about their thinking, making them independent learners.


Don’t waste time thinking about it! Sound Training ensures pupils automatically recognise the words they read, freeing up the memory space needed for reading comprehension.

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